Dine w/ Smart FM @ Saucy Focaccia!

Our DJ’s tried to come up with a way where they could get a free meal — and management bought it!

Dine with Smart FM this month at Saucy Focaccia — one of the top 10 Burger joints in the state of Iowa and it’s right here in Cedar Rapids!

Each week all month long, we’ll pick one Smart FM fan to choose 3 of their closest friends to head out for a FREE lunch at Saucy Focaccia!

AND at the mention of a free meal, Smart FM’s Ric, Greg, or Just John have volunteered to come along for the ride — so each week one of them will accompany you and talk Smart Rock while enjoying delicious gourmet and specialty Saucy Sandwiches!

Register now by filling out the form below and YOU could dine on Smart FM’s dime courtesy of Saucy Focaccia — in the Fountains — next to Hy-Vee on Edgewood Road — your local burger joint!

Saucy Focaccia Registration Form

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